History Morneftegazproject, LLC

In 2002, May 16, Morneftegazproject, CJSC, was established for a design support of the offshore oil and gas fields development located in the Russian and foreign offshore.

The founders of the Company were Sevmorneftegaz, CJSC, (later on –Gazprom neft shelf, LLC), Research institution of natural gases and gas technologies – VNIIGAZ, LLC, the Scientific Production Association (SPA ) “Rosneft-Termneft”, OJSC, Central design bureau of offshore machinery “Rubin”, Federal State Unitary Enterprise.

The main task of the Company was designing the Prirazlomnoye oil field development in the Pechora Sea offshore and the “Prirazlomnaya” offshore ice-resistant stationary platform (OIRSP).

2002 – 2012: performing the functions of the General Design Engineer and a design organization during the Prirazlomnoye oil field development, and also arrangement of the works and direct participation in the development and coordination of all types of the design and working documentation, the documentation for the “Prirazlomnaya” OIRSP testing and commissioning, passing expert appraisals and coordination at the Russian supervising authorities.

2004 – 2010: the work on the project to develop the Shtokmanovsky gas and condensate field (the Barents Sea): performing the functions of the General Design Engineer for the purpose to ground the investments and designing an offshore gas pipeline, sea-going twin pipeline and fiber-optic communication line. Participation in designing the “Severnoye syanie” and “Polyarnaya zvezda” drilling units aimed for the operation at the Shtokmanovskoye field.

2007 – 2013: technical support and design supervision during the construction of the “Prirazlomnaya” OIRSP.

2013 – 2014: support of commissioning the “Prirazlomnaya” OIRSP. Participation in the process of grounding the investments of the Kirinskoye gas and condensate field development (the Okhotskoye Sea). Development of the documentation for conservation and abandonment of the exploration wells of the Yuzhno-Kirinskoye field (the Okhotskoye Sea). Working out options to develop the potential hydrocarbon reserves located in the areas of the Anabaro-Khatangskaya saddle (the Khatangskiy Bay of the Laptev Sea).

2014 – 2016: support of operating the “Prirazlomnaya” OIRSP at the commencement stage of the production and shipment of the first oil batch produced at the field. The initial design of the facilities for the fields located in the shallow water offshore of the Kara Sea. Analysis of the technical facilities for drilling during development of the hydrocarbon fields in ice conditions similar to the Sakhalin offshore of the Okhotskoye Sea. Study of the possibilities to use floating production complexes, liquefaction, storage and shipment of the hydrocarbon raw materials (FLNG) within the frames of developing the fields located in the continental offshore of Vietnam. The concept development of deep upgrading the passenger vessel according to the data of her technical state inspection.

2017: design supervision for the operation of the “Prirazlomnaya” OIRSP, grounding the investments into the technical re-equipment of the platform. Development of the documentation for using the offshore semisubmersible unit (OSSU) during constructing the first prospecting and appraisal well of the Ayashskaya area located in the Okhotskoye Sea. Change of the legal form of organization from the Closed joint-stock company to the “Morneftegazproject”Joint-stock company.

2018: receiving by the “Morneftegazproject” JSC a status of the Center of the offshore competences of “Gazprom neft” PJSC.