Principles of sustainable development

The main principle of the Company activity is a sustainable development during a maximally rational use of the natural resources and preservation of the favorable environment for the future generations and also providing of the production safety, labor safety, effectiveness of the production processes and energy conservation at the objects projected and operated by the customers.

In its work Morneftegazproject pays a special attention to:

  • providing following the most strict requirements for labor safety, health and safety of the personnel including the requirements, standards and policies of the “Gazpromneft” PJSC and “Gazprom neft shelf” LLC;

  • reach the maximal level of the environmental safety and guarding the environmental;

  • prevention of emergency and extraordinary situations;

  • providing performance of the customers’ requirements taking into account the effective standard documents;

  • receiving a maximally economical effect in the result of implementing new equipment;

  • decrease the objects construction time;

  • conformity to the international standards in the area of qualit

In the Company there is a procedure to reveal, evaluate and minimize the risks in the area of the industrial and environmental safety, labor safety and civil protection that allows to receive the information necessary to prevent or decrease harmful influences upon the personnel, environment, property and the production environment.